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Hours of Operation:
8:30 a.m. -5:00 p.m.

Fulton County Courthouse
185 Central Avenue, SW (MAP)
Atlanta, GA 30303

North Annex Service Center
7741 Roswell Rd.  (MAP)
Atlanta, GA 30350
Phone: 404-613-7640

South Annex Service Center
5600 Stonewall Tell Rd.  (MAP)
College Park, GA 30349
Phone: 404-612-3056

Fulton County Jail
901 Rice Street  (MAP)
Atlanta, GA 30318
Phone: 404-613-2000

The Fulton County Magistrate Court is located in the Justice Center Complex and includes courtrooms in the Justice Center Tower (JCT) at 185 Central Avenue; the Charles Carnes Building (JCB) at 160 Pryor Street; the Fulton County Courthouse (FCC) at 136 Pryor Street; the Fulton County Jail, as well as the North and South Service Centers.

To view the Official Order of Business for Magistrate Court, click here.


Welcome to the Fulton County Magistrate Court website. The Fulton County Magistrate Court exists to serve the citizens of Fulton County. This web site has been designed to provide citizens with the most current and convenient information available regarding the process and procedures in the Magistrate Court. On behalf of the judges and court staff, we trust you will find the website a useful and convenient tool in obtaining information.


An attorney is not required in this court, which makes the Magistrate Court accessible. The Civil Division handles matters such as Abandoned Motor Vehicles, Dispossessory (Landlord-Tenant) Actions, Small Claims, Garnishments, Weddings/Marriages, Personal Property Foreclosure.


Mission Statement

Magistrate Court Seal The Magistrate Court is committed to excellence in providing fair, accessible and timely resolution of criminal and civil matters within its jurisdiction in an atmosphere of respect for court users and staff.