Why do I need to use Post-Judgment Interrogatories?

If you have received a judgment and do not know what assets the debtor may have, you may file Post-Judgment Interrogatories. These statutory questions help you locate assets.

Many "pro se" litigants, lay persons, have the mistaken belief that "the court" will collect any judgment that may be entered in their behalf. That belief is inaccurate. Courts could not legally fulfill their constitutional duty of impartiality in all proceedings if a court was to act as an agent on behalf of any party, including post judgment collection proceedings.

Post judgment collection is the responsibility of the judgment creditor. MAG 14-01 gives an outline various judicial and non-judicial remedies that a judgment creditor may employ to collect the monies awarded to them in a civil case.

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1. Why do I need to use Post-Judgment Interrogatories?
2. What statutes tell how to make post-judgment Interrogatories?