Judge Linda Borsky

LindaBorsky_Judge (002)

Judge B. Motley Broom

Bianca Broom

Judge Lillian Nash Caudle

Lillian Nash Caudle

      Judge Hannah Chung

Hannah Chung

       Judge John DeFoor

Magistrate Individual Seal

       Judge Chuck Douglas

Chuck Douglas

Judge John K. Franks

Magistrate Individual Seal

Judge Jeffrey W. Frazier

Jeffrey W. Frazier

        Judge Holly Hughes

Holly Hughes rev

  Judge Melynee Leftridge

Judge ML

Judge Alexandra Manning

Judge Manning pic

  Judge Rashida Oliver

Rashida Oliver

     Judge Ashley Osby

Ashley Osby

 Judge Michael Penn

Michael Penn

Judge Quinton Washington

Quinton Washinton

  Judge Reggie Williams

Judge Reggie Williams


     Judge Richard Hicks

Magistrate Individual Seal

   Judge Maureen Malone

Magistrate Individual Seal

The Magistrate Courts of Georgia were established in 1983 when the current Constitution was ratified. The Constitution mandated the Magistrate Court replace the Justice Courts and a variety of small claims courts or limited jurisdiction courts that were known by a variety of different names. The current form of the Fulton County Magistrate Court was established by legislation in May 2013, following a recommendation of the Fulton County CourtImprovement Task Force.

The Judges proudly serve the Fulton County Magistrate Court under the leadership of the Chief Magistrate Judge who is selected by Fulton County voters to four year terms in a nonpartisan, countywide race. Once sworn into office, the Chief Magistrate appoints the Court's judges with the approval of judges from Fulton County State Court and Fulton County Superior Court. Magistrates serve terms concurrent with that of the Chief Magistrate.